Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 1 Independence Day Challenge

Do you see the time stamp for this post? Yes, it is after 9pm on Monday night.  I work up out of my after dinner nap to update ya'll. Now that is dedication, right?

So last Monday, we announced that we are going to get out behinds moving for our Independence Day Challenge. AND that we would check in on Mondays, so here in my check in.

This week my weight has remained the same. But I am working on getting back into my exercising habit. But, I am tired, so so tired and behind on my graduate school work so it was hard. This is my final full week of classes, so I know next week will get even better.

This week's HIGHS:
I started reading Chris Powell's "Choose to Lose: The 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution". It has really helped me look further into my troubles emotionally eating. I am about half-way through, and still debating if I am going to try his method starting next week. I hate writing about new diets and books I am reading because I get so excited to try it... but then don't follow through. So we will see. I want to finish reading the book this week and see if I can fully commit myself to trying it out.

Also, I was able to complete an intense workout with my trainer after not seeing him for 2 weeks. I was so proud. Plus, I know he wants me to start seeing results, so he pushed me. I pushed back, but made it through a grueling circuit. I also was able to lift heavier than I ever was before! I was so proud!

This weeks LOWS:
I didn't really work on my nutrition too much. Partially because I did not fully prepare my cabinet and partially because I was just good for nothing and didn't make myself commit. Reading the book I mentioned above has helped me focus a bit. I get so frustrated sometimes because I know I want to lose this weight, but sometimes I sabotage my own self. This is one of my ultimate goals; to stop sabotaging myself.

How are you doing with the challenge thus far? And have you set any goals for yourself?

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  1. Hey Kim. It's one step at a time. I have learned that you have to just be more conscious and meditate on your goals. That is what helped me with my emotional eating. Being an emotional eater you tend to look at food as a crutch or an enemy. I did it and am slowly learning how to create a positive relationship with food.

    Part of my process of eating clean and healthy is to prep my food. I have managed to do it for the past 2 weeks. I have not skipped a workout except for Friday which I used to rest before my race on Saturday.

    I am trying my best to stay motivated and stay on track. Good luck on this week. You can do it. :) Stay positive and prepare, prepare, prepare. :)


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