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Emotional Eating with Christie Inge

Emotional Eating is something that I can definitely say that I struggle with. I have written about this topic in the past (all emotional eating linked posts), but I do not feel that I was able to really follow through and do the necessary homework to actually work on this issue. Lately, I feel that my cravings have been out of control and they truly alter my mood. Unlike most people who crave cake, cookies and sweets, I love salt. Over-salted crunchy goodness! Or, even more weird, I completely lose my appetite and I will not eat anything at all if my emotions are really high. Yea... not good.

So when I was on one of my blog reading rants, I stumbled across the wonderful, hopefully life-saving Christie Inge, Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach. If you visit her website, on the right hand side there is a free e-book (The NO BULLSHIT Getting Started Guide for making peace with food and your body.) that she offers to help her readers confront their emotional eating dilemmas. I downloaded it, and hope to gain some insight out of it. While I know that a 27pg book cannot solve all of my woes, I am going to give it a far shot. Here is a breakdown of her book taken right from the table of contents.

How to Use This Guide
Your SOURCING Spirit
Your WISE Emotions
OK, What Now?
Ready for More?
Meet Christie

On WIOG, ya'll know that I frequently change what I am doing. Sometimes I don't even share it because I know I changed my method from the last week and I am afraid of being judged for not being as consistent as some of my other blog friends. Anywho, one of my main goals in life when it comes to food, weight loss, ect it to be comfortable in my own skin at a healthy weight AND be able to eat intuitively without measuring or counting calories. I know what is healthy to eat and what is not healthy. I surprise myself when I have spoken to nutritionists and I get answers to questions that I already knew. I just cannot implement my knowledge 100% of the time. Food still has emotions attached to it and I fail to see it as solely a source of fuel.

After reading the first 2 sections of the book, I will say that Christie is no joke. She has had some real life experiences that have helped her to get to the place inside herself that she has gotten to today. She is also not for everyone. After reading her About and the Contact Me pages, you can get a sense for who she is, and if you don't like it, then reading her books and material may not be comfortable for you. I normally stay away from bloggers who use profanity when they are writing, but her explanation of using it on the contact page and after reading the first few pages of her book have made me okay with it. That being said, I know it is okay for me, and may not be okay for you.

I will be going through the exercises right here on WIOG so we can chat and discuss it. Everything will be taken right from the book written my the honorable Christie Inge and I claim no rights to the info. Just writing about it and hope to inspire some of you to take a look at yourselves in the process if you have similar struggles.

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  1. Sounds great. I hope that the book helps you out. I too had strong emotional ties to food but can now control myself more. There are still days I say "Screw it" and eat something that is not supportive of my weight loss goals but hey it's life. We have to learn how to manage emotions on a daily basis and try not to supress them with food. I found meditation and exercise to help me out tremendously. But like you know everyone is different and processed things differently.

    I can also relate with your lack of consistancy but it all comes from the same emotional baggage that we carry. Instead of sticking to something long enough to see the results we give up because we are afraid we might be disappointed or we are just not patient enough.

    I wish you lots of luck on this journey and look forward to seeing how this program works for you. Just stay positive and focus on your goals. Envision your gorgeous lean healthy body that you desire and hold onto the image when you want to eat something emotionally.

    I also think that labeling food as fattening, bad, good and so on kind of fuels the emotional relationship we have with food. I would say that we must strengthen our relationship with ourselves and learn to love and honor our bodies more. In return that will cause us to chose foods that nurture us. We tend to nurture things we love. It's part of being a woman. :)

  2. Thank you for your insight. Emotional Eating is something that I feel most people struggle with at some time or another. It's just whether or not we know how to control it that is the problem. I used to mediate and take yoga more often, but I think I need to try and get back into that. I am even looking into going on a meditation retreat soon.

  3. Sounds great. It will all work out. It is just a journey but definitely one worth taking. It's about being healthy and creating a balance within your mind, body and soul.


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