Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 6 Independence Day Challenge

So we have officially made the halfway mark with out Independence Challenge. It is now time to turn things up and finish up strong.

This Week's Highs
So this week I did not lose any weight, but my scale did not go up, and for this I am happy. I went to Ocean City last week (pics to come) and I just knew that I would have gained some weight. I did not overindulge as I usually would, but I definitely enjoyed some cheat meals; my secret was drinking at least 3 glasses of water while eating out. This way I ate my calories instead of drinking them, also the water helps you get fuller faster which prevents overeating. Another high this week is that I was able to fit into all of my clothes that I wore last summer, and most of them were too big. In between last summer and this summer my weight fluctuated so I was relieved to know that all of my summer dresses and shorts and skirts still fit, and some were even too big! 

This Week's Lows
Overall I would say that I had a pretty good week. Although I did not make it to the gym as often as I would like, I walked everywhere in Ocean City. Hopefully these last few weeks of the challenge will have more Highs than Lows. We will definitely see. Now that I am back home and off of vacation mode, I have to jump right back into the swing of things and hit the gym harder than ever. 

How is the challenge going for you guys???


  1. It's going good. I changed up my workout routine so that I can start seeing that scale move down. :)

    That is awesome that your clothes fits looser. That is always a great feeling. Congrats.

  2. :) Sometimes you have to change things up to start seeing changes in your body. I myself am going to start incorporating more cardio, I have been so obsessed with weight training lately so I have to start sweating again.

  3. I'm so proud of you! You are doing incredible!

    I am happy to report that I'm doing well. The month of May was the best for me so far. Excited for June!

    1. Thanks Faith, it means so much. I am so glad you are doing well, I'm hoping June gets even better since we are in the home stretch!


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