Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I wish I could turn back the hands of time and relive my college years
Always: I remember how much sleep I lost and snap back to reality

Sometimes: I wish I could take back every mistake I have ever made
Always: I know that if it wasn't for my mistakes I wouldn't have grown to be the person I am now.

Sometimes: I feel guilty because I own too many shoes
Always: I realize that I haven't paid full price for any of them, and a girl just can't pass up a god shoe sale

Sometimes: I want to pick up and move to another state and start my life over
Always: I think about how much I would miss all of my family and friends

Sometimes: I aim to accomplish every task on my to-do list
Always: I forget my list and make a new one


  1. I love the last one. I do the same thing ALL the time. I have lists all over the place. Most of them are diet plans and workout plans though..LOL!

    1. LOL, it's so bad. At least I'm not alone

  2. Amber! I totally agree about picking up and moving to another state! I found you through the sometimes and always. Check out my post!

  3. You can't ever have too many shoes, hehe. Especially if you got them on sale, hehe.

    1. I knew you would agree....I can never pass up a good shoe sale, you always need them!


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