Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Workout Schedule

Over the weekend I was thinking about things to share with you guys, and I realized that while I tell you I am working out. I never actually tell you what my schedule is like or what I do when I workout.

Above is my workout schedule from January through April. I am focused more on my strength training versus my cardio workouts. I was under the assumption that I needed more cardio to drop the fat, but it turns out that I can burn the same amount of calories by eliminating long rest periods during strength training and really doing a true HILT cardio for 20 minutes. For cardio I normally do the stair treadmill or the MMA workout on the standing elliptical from Octane Fitness.

Due to my schedule, I will be reallywas working to make sure I can get my workouts completed in about 1 hour. It turns out that I  burn the same amount of calories (I burn approximately 700 calories per workout) in 1 hour versus 1.5hrs with longer rest periods. I don't have the extra time to spend lolly-gagging anyways.

Now that I am done with class for the summer, but schedule has changed. I don't have it down to a science yet, but when I do... I will be writing another post for you.

What is your workout schedule like?

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  1. I am following the LIVEFIT trainer on right now so my workouts vary. Your schedule looks great. I prefer HIIT training versus long cardio sessions. I get super bored with cardio. I prefer weights over cardio.


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