Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 8 Independence Day Challenge

This Week's Highs
I am starting to get comfortable eating intuitively. I am really working on learning to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. And I am working on my cravings. I also started a night time regime of heavy lifting for my arms. Super simple: 20lbs dumbbells, 5 bicep curls on each side, 5 shoulder lifts on each side, and 10 standing tricep dips. It is short, sweet and to the point and gets my thigh-looking-arms burning from the heavy.

This Week's Lows
Okay... so still no real weight loss. Yes, it stinks. My waist continues to shrink, but I see no movement on the scale. Sometimes I feel that if I was able to lose JUST 5LBS and see the number on the scale I would feel so much better. I know I need to exercise more, and I will start being more aggressive. I met with an orthopedist today, so I have a new regime to get my back and knee back into fighting shape. 

Hope you week was better than mine!

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  1. Last week was a little breakthrough for me, hope this week is better! :)

    Hope this week is great for you!

    1. Woooohooo! I'm so happy to hear that your week went really well!

  2. Thigh-looking arms- hilarious! Don't give up, seeing your waist shrink is a definite sign of progress. You're doing great!

  3. Hang in there! I was so impressed with your 'highs' that I could hardly listen to your 'lows'. :) Learning when you're truly hungry is critical to long-term lifestyle change. There are so many other reasons that we eat. I like your idea about exercising at night but does it keep you awake? Have a powerful week! Allegra

    1. Thanks Allegra! I have been doing a lot of reading on emotional eating lately, so I was super excited about my highs. As for exercising at night, as long as it is quick like the workout above OR I really hit the gym hard with high intensity training that leaves me tired... I will be okay with sleep after a nice hot shower. :)


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