Thursday, July 12, 2012

Real Chics, Real Food: Fried Pickles at Barefoot Peddler

One of our absolute favorite foods to treat ourselves to here at WIOG is fried pickles from Barefoot Peddler in Greenvale, New York. Now, I know you may be saying "Oh! I've had those before. No biggie." But let me tell you, I have never found any place that even compares to the flavor of this dish. Other restaurants have tried this dish using breadcrumbs, baking, or even frying but the breading and/or pickles are not up to par.

The secret to AMAZING fried pickles is that the pickles must be crisp and the breading must be flavorful. When you bite into one of these lovely pickles, you taste the saltiness of the thinly sliced pickle and the flavor of what appears to be a beer-battered crunchy outside. If you cannot relate, imagine the perfect onion ring where you can hear the crunch of the onion and crust when you take a bite. AND the crust is prepared so you can take a bite and the whole onion doesn't slide out of the crust. That's the best analogy that I can think of to describe a perfect fried pickle.

This appetizer also comes with a tangy horseradish dipping sauce. But, you really don't even need it if you are against the horseradish. The Peddler also has a slew of other wonderful dishes on their menu as well. Amber and I generally get a sampler with wings, mozzarella sticks and potato skins for appetizers along with the fried pickles of course. If you are a potato skin lover, don't be alarmed when the order comes to your table and you don't see the bacon because they put the bacon UNDER the cheese. Yes, you heard me! So don't scream at your waitress before you dive in and take a bite. For meals, we have always stuck to salads, burgers or sandwiches, but their menu is packed with traditional American bar and grill food

Don't knock it till you try it! And fyi, I cannot stand eating regular pickles, so don't be afraid to try this dish even if you are not a regular pickle lover. Plus, we all know most things taste better fried. 


  1. I love, love pickles but I've never tried fried pickles. I want to try it much more after this post!!

    1. OMG, we're addicted. I don't even like pickles but there is something about the batter and the fact that they are fried that make them amazing!!!!


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