Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I have the urge to go out and dance the night away
Always: I prefer to snuggle up in my comfy bed and catch up on my reality TV shows and favorite movies

Sometimes: I crave red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory
Always: I am too lazy to drive there so I settle for something else (I refuse to learn how to make it because I know I will automatically gain 500 pounds)

Sometimes: I tell myself that I will only spend a certain amount of time surfing the internet
Always: I spend hours on youtube watching hair and makeup tutorials, and watching some of my favorite music videos

Sometimes: I get so annoyed when everyone around me reminds me of how much I look like my sister
Always: I take it as a compliment, I mean who wouldn't want to share the same face as me, my sister

Sometimes: I think about going to cosmetology school after I finish up my Masters
Always: I have a passion for hair and makeup, it's how I express my creativity


  1. i don't like cheesecake but i know i would LOVE red velvet cheesecake! i will try my hardest to never try it, just in case.

    oh gosh, the same with me and my sisters. we have just all accepted that we look alike and just like it. my sisters are beautiful so def. a compliment, hehe.

    i love hair and makeup! so much that i was going to go to cosmetology school. lets just say that, that didn't work out so well. Parents, sigh.

    1. OMG Faith, I used to hate cheesecake, but I love red velvet cake, and now I'm addicted,try it at your own risk, lol!

      It has taken quite some time, but I have finally accpeted it, I'm so glad she's beautiful

      I know the feeling, my parents aren't too fond of the idea either

  2. I like the edit sis!!! I wouldnt mind looking like me either!! tee hee


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