Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mid-Year New Year's Resolution Check In

As I was going through a few of the tags on WIOG to make sure everything was categorized correctly, I came across my New Year's Resolution post. I almost didn't want to read it, but I felt that it would be a good time to check in. I still have about 5 months to complete any goals that I haven't accomplished yet. My resolutions basically breakdown into 3 distinct areas personal wellness, fitness, and my marriage.
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I am happy to say that I feel I am well on my way to accomplishing the personal wellness factor. This summer has really brought to light some things that I was keeping in the dark. I was able to face a lot of insecurities that I have, and learn that it is okay to just be me. Unapologetically. Sure, I still have my self-conscious/loathing days, but who doesn't? Over all I am much more comfortable in my own skin. If I didn't mention it before on WIOG, I started seeing a therapist for a greater part of the spring. This helped bring a lot of clarity into my life. I stopped in June because we both came to the decision that I needed to take the reigns in my life and actually put some of the things we talked about into action.

Fitness. Fitness. Fitness. Have you noticed that lately I haven't posted too much about my updated fitness, health, and progress? I will let you in on a little secret, if you don't see posts about it, that means I have probably fallen off a little bit. To be 100% honest, I probably haven't gotten my behind to the gym 3-4 times in one week since June (possibly late May). I have been overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. Partially due to the wedding planning, friend drama, and my personal emotional health. When I get like this, it is very hard for my to accomplish anything that I put my mind to. I am hoping that after I return from the honeymoon, and the dust settles, that I will be able to get back on the bandwagon and bring myself into 2013 healthier and happier.

Now about my marriage, you ask? Technically, when I am writing this post I'm not married yet. However, when you are reading this (i.e. right now) I will have been married for under 1 week. Leading up to the wedding, my relationship steadily got better and better though, so I have high hopes for the state of our relationship as we walk into 2013 in a few short months.

Have you checked in to see how you are progressing with your new year's resolutions?

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