Monday, August 27, 2012

What does Holistic mean?

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The Free Dictionary defines holistic as the following:

holistic [həʊˈlɪstik]
1. (Philosophy) of or relating to a doctrine of holism
2. (Medicine) of or relating to the the medical consideration of the complete person, physically and psychologically, in the treatment of a disease
holistically adv

So what does this mean when it comes to health and fitness? I think part two of the definition is really the essential part. When creating a nutrition, health, and fitness regime it is important to look at the complete person, physically and psychologically. I believe that this definition can be a little different for every person when broken down into an actual plan. When I hear the word holistic, I visualize a version of me who his curvy, but slender, flexible, standing in the yoga tree pose and drinking green juice. Yes, green juice. I attempted to juice like Amber started to do, and honestly, it is not for me. I feel so deprived, and diets where you feel deprived are not something that I can force myself to commit to. 

Last June when Work It Out, Gurl first began, I "said" I was looking to embark on a lifestyle change that was not only long lasting, but would yield the body and mind that I have been seeking for years. Although I have never seen some changes, I am no where near where I would have liked to be now. I could sit here and beat myself up, and say all of the things I have accomplished, but that still won't change the the reality of what my situation is at this moment. I need to do better. AND I can definitely say I know better now! When I think about adopting a holistic health and fitness plan, I think about making sure that the body and mind are both being nourished and taken care of together. In the past, I feel that I either focus on my nutrition, fitness, or mental wellness; just one at a time. Never all three to make sure that I can learn to have all facets of myself work in unison to create better me.

Come September  TODAY, there will be some changes over here at Work It Out, Gurl. You will see a definite change in the subject matter of my posts. This summer, I took a summer off from worrying too much about fitness and health due to being stressed in general and about the wedding. But this fall, it will not only be back to school, but back on the good foot with health and fitness. I am not sure what plan, if any that I will be following, but when I get it together, you know I will be sharing it all right here. I will create my definition of a holistic plan to ensure that I can meet my health and fitness goals.

What does holistic mean to you?


  1. I like this idea a lot, too often we focus on the body only but including the mind would be super beneficial. Congrats on restarting your journey!

    1. Thanks, Nellie! Gotta start somewhere!


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