Monday, September 03, 2012

Monthly Goals

Successful people are very goal oriented, hence why they become successful, they actually accomplish the goals that they set. Lately  I have so much that I want to do and accomplish and it feels like I'm too busy thinking about what I want to do than actually doing it. So I figured what better way to encourage me to accomplish my goals, than to post about them at the beginning of each month. So here goes my first attempt of accomplishing my goals.

1. Purchase a Planner
*I always rely on my mind to remember everything and although I am usually good with dates something always slips my mind. So I figure that if I purchase a cute planner and put it to use, it would make my life a little easier*

2. Exercise 12 times for the month of September
*I know you guys are probably thinking that 12 is a random number but I promise there is a method to my madness. There are 4 full weeks this month, so I figure I need to commit to working out 3 times a week which works out to be 12!. My problem is that normally I say I want to work out 3 times a week and then when I don't I just give up. So hopefully this will cause me to make up for a missed workout. (fingers crossed)*

3. Set aside five hours a week to study for Certification Exams
*As much as I hate standardized testing, there is no way around it. Either I take the tests or I don't graduate. So I figure that if I set up a study schedule rather than randomly studying I will make better use of my time*

4. Make a Budget and Stick to IT!!!!
*I supposedly made a budget for myself and although I'm not going around buying everything I know for sure that I spend too much money on random things. So I need to actually stick to my budget this week, especially since I am about to start apartment hunting. I need to get my spending in control now before I add rent to the mix*

5. Treat Myself to two Manicures and Pedicures
*I am always on the go and because of this I always neglect myself and I feel like I never have "Amber time." What better way of making time for myself than a treat to a manicure and pedicure?*

So since this is my first time writing my goals down on the blog I'm starting off small. If there is anyone out there like me that struggles with sticking to goals please join me on my quest to success. I promise to give a recap of my accomplished goals at the end of every month, even if I don't accomplish them. I hope there's someone out there to join me for some added motivation.

As always thanks for reading loves, and stay FAB <3


  1. Great post, love the goals. I especially love the manicure/pedicure goal.

    1. Thanks so much, hopefully I achieve all of them this month!


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