Friday, September 21, 2012

The Wedding... Finally

Thank you so much for  being so patient with me procrastinating on showing you all the pictures from the wedding. I had such a hard time choosing which pictures that I wanted to share... so here are a bunch.

After having a minor breakdown in the morning with Amber when I realized that I forgot toothpaste, the photographer arrived and started staging my dress and jewelry for photos. Oh... and the surprise gift of sparkling hoops from my hubby cleared those tears right up!

Funny story: I couldn't stand the shoes (pictured above) for the 5 minutes, so I swapped them for a glittery pair that I was planning on wearing at the reception only. I popped this back on for the garter though since that is one of the few times that everyone could see my shoes. 

Also I am super lucky because I had trusted friends and family taking care of my makeup and hair that day. They know how I am on a regular day, therefore they knew exactly what I hoped for on THE special day.

There ceremony was fabulous... and I am so grateful that I didn't wear those PAINFUL and EXPENSIVE shoes. I am weary of putting too many pics online since I don't want to expose anyone virally who is not ready to be all over WIOG. But above are some of my favorites. In the corner of the bottom right photo, you can see my hubby smiling as I am almost back in his arms. We were so excited that we almost kissed then. AND, I swear that I saw him get teary eyed too... but he was able to keep it together so I didn't lose it. 

The reception was a true party. That was probably due to the open bar that helped people get up and dance, but it was fabulous. The corner picture is Amber walking down the isle. Every picture of her looked fabulous. Love that girl. And trust... she was dancing and emphasizing all afternoon.

You will see that I also changed my hairstyle too. It got way too hot dancing! Someone asked why I changed my hair that day, and one of my family remembers replied,
"Because she is FABULOUS!"
Love my family. 

One of the final moments of the evening was the bouquet toss. This moment was just so much fun.

Overall, I have very few regrets about our wedding day. We really enjoyed ourselves and so did all of our guests. I will write up some wedding planning tips and tricks soon to go over what helped make everything run smoothly, and what got messed up. 

Thank you for being so patient with me posting the photos! 


  1. What a fabulous wedding! You looked incredible. Looks like such a great time was had by all! Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures with us :)

  2. Beautiful wedding and everyone looks fabulous!

  3. Awwww I love this so much! Congrats :)))))
    I am now following u , follow back?

  4. You look amazing and the wedding looked like lots of fun. Glad that everything turned out the way you wanted it to. Thanks for sharing all the fabulous pics. :)

  5. Wow congratulations!! You look amazing and looks like such a great wedding! xo akiko
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  6. Congrats! You looked great! Wish you a lifetime of happiness :)


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