Monday, September 17, 2012

What You Need to Fulfill Your Fitness Goals

This post was inspired by a blog post that I read over at Nerd Fitness. If you haven't checked out that blog, you may want to take a peek. It is definitely a new spin on blogging about fitness. When I was reading this post, my first thought was "Wow! I need this in my life!", but I also wanted to write my own WIOG guide to fulfilling your fitness goals.

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1. A plan
Yes, I said a plan. You don't need to necessarily pay for a plan like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, ect, but you need to at least get yourself situated for the first month to help with your success. Waking up with the motivation to "change your life" is great, BUT a plan will make it even greater. This plan should include healthy recipes to try so you don't get bored and eat junk food, exercises, and even some mini goals to help you stay motivated along your journey. You can even create incentives for yourself when you meet your mini goals.

2. A Honest Friend
Note that I didn't say a best friend. Having that go-to person who can be brutally honest with you is key. In the beginning, you may be running on your own motivation, but mid-way through the journey (or even a week or two into the journey when you are tired of eating plain chicken breast), you will need someone to give you a swift kick of motivation. This friend can be a coworker, blogger, an online friend, ANYONE who knows that you are trying to change your life! This person will tell you to take your chunky behind to the gym instead of going home and relaxing.

Now, after you read number 3, you will think that this person is not needed, but they really are. Every once in awhile, it will help to have someone just pat you on the back and tell you to keep going. They do not need to be the closet person to you, just someone who is honest and sees the hard work that you are putting in.

3. Determination
I know you have heard this before, but I always feel like it needs to be said. You need to want to change. If you don't want it for yourself, no matter how many friends are on your side or how many new plans you create.... it will be nearly impossible to reach your goals. Changing your  body takes hard, long, and downright uncomfortable work. I think every trainer in America has said it before:

You must get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to see change. 

If you want fast results in a short amount of time, that means more un-comfort in that same time span. If you take your time, yes, it will be more "bearable", but it will still be uncomfortable. In order to succeed, you need the determination to do it all on your own when no one else is supporting you. And that is the hardest part.

Throughout the trials and tribulations of trying working to get myself in shape, that is one thing that has really proved itself to me. I have to take care of myself and not be deterred or influenced in order for this to really work. At the end of the day YOU put every morsel of food into your mouth and YOU do every single minute of exercise with YOUR own body. Therefore, all that determination has to come from you. 

What do you think you need to fufill your fitness goals?

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  1. This is so true, I am the only one that can change the decisions of what I eat and how long (and hard) I exercise. No one else can do it for me, thanks for the great plan!


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