Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#50in52: Week 2

So last week I was 2.4 lbs down with 47.6 lbs to go... this week, I almost threw my scale out of the window after I stepped on it.BUT, I promised myself that I would keep you guys up to date. It forces me to be accountable. (I do refuse to put it in bold though.)

Up 3.4 lbs with 51 lbs to go. 

I knew that this week would be hard, my sister had a baby and I was sleeping in the hospital for 2.5days and it was my wonderful husband's birthday and I went back home for the weekend to see my nephew again... so I ate and ate and ate with my family. 
                                                                 Source: via KandidlyKim on Pinterest

Moral of the story is that I am going to get back on track. I am reading this book on manifesting what I desire... and I desire weight loss. NOW I just have to make my actions = my desires.

***Edited to add 10/11/12: I woke up this morning and my uterus was attacking my body (i.e. period cramps). So hopefully that is part of the reason for the massive weight gain this week. You can add an additional 3-5lbs during that time of the month. Can't wait till next week's weight in!***

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