Wednesday, October 03, 2012

OOTN: Evening Wear

So last week my Church hosted a Sweet 16 Banquet, and I must say it was amazing. The venue was astonishing, the food was nothing short of amazing and the company couldn't have been better. The venue was The Sand Castle Caterers in Franklin Square. I helped plan the banquet and unfortunately I missed the walk through before the actual banquet, so when I walked into the ballroom for the first time I was speechless.

So now for my favorite part: FASHION. I had no idea of what I wanted to wear, I knew I wanted something different but I wasn't quite sure of what I was going for..............until I went to David's Bridal. 
Yeah you read correctly, David's Bridal! I fell in love with three dresses but the one that I chose was perfect. 

I absolutely loved the beading around the neckline. It made the dress stand out, and it helped my pockets because I didn't have to buy a necklace. (high five to me!) 

As you can tell, I'm short and my dress was long, so even with my heels on you still couldn't see what was sparkling underneath. But here are the beautiful shoes by INC that I wore. 

I opted for a high bun, since there was so much beading on my dress. I think the bun came out nice, and everyone said I reminded them of JLo in Maid in Manhattan, with the high bun and pink dress. I will take that compliment any day of the week! 

Here's a pic of two of my amazing friends, love them <3 

And the night just could not be complete without a photo shoot with my big sis, she starting to get the hang of the model face.

What do you think of my David's Bridal Find???


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous. WoW! Great find at David's Bridal. Those shoes are amazing!

    1. Thanks so much. I still can't believe I found the dress at DB. And those shoes are like my new best friend!

  2. You look really nice I love the dress and those shoes are everything lol

    1. thank you!!!! OMG Those shoes had to come home with me

  3. These heels are gorgeous! You look stunning!


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