Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Introducing the Body Series: How to Dress Your Shape

So I have been thinking about writing this post for the longest time. I am constantly receiving compliments of how well I dress and how I always seem to be well put together. I owe all of my fashion success to the fact of knowing my body and knowing what flatters my figure. When it comes to fashion I always abide to my one golden rule: "Just because it comes in your size, does not mean it is meant for you!" I think that this rule applies to a size 2 and a size 26. Please believe me I love fashion and I like to stay current with the trends but not every trend is meant for me I know this and I stick to what looks good on me and what is the most flattering.

I figured that I would share some of my fashion tips with you guys. By no means am I claiming to be a fashion guru in fact I think that I am far from it, I just want to share what I know in the hopes of helping someone. I always believe that how you carry yourself and how you dress is a direct translation of how you feel about yourself. When you are not confident it not only shows on your face and body language but it shows in how you dress and carry yourself.

Stay tuned for more to come from the body series, I intend to cover at least one body shape per week. Obviously there are so many different body shapes but they all stem from these four main categories which I will cover: Rectangle, Apple, Pear and Hourglass.

I think that all women should embrace their size whether straight up and down, extra curvy, short, tall, light, or dark and walk with confidence everywhere they go. So my goal is to offer some tips and tricks to help complement your body shape, and for all of my fabulous fashionistas please feel free to chime in as needed.

Stay tuned, and as always thanks for reading <3 


  1. can't wait!! sometimes I know a piece is right sometimes it looks so good on the mannequin that I want it regardless! LOL the tips will be really helpful

    1. lol, thanks so much, stay tuned!


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