Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Using Deadlines to Motivate Weight Loss

Does having deadlines motivate or add unneeded pressure to your weight loss efforts?

I feel that this is just as complicated as asking the question "does the chicken come before the egg?". In the past, I have always had a deadline of when I needed to be skinny. It was a wedding, the new year, my birthday, or another big life event.... and over a year later... all of those dates have passed. Some have even passed 2 times... but that is a whole other tragic story.
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Due to my past, I feel like a failure so I didn't want to set a date. But I felt that I am almost cheating myself by saying that because the main reason why I didn't want to set a date is because I didn't want to be disappointed when I don't achieve the goal. Which also makes me even MORE upset because I am expecting not to be successful. Terrible, right?

This time around, I am really struggling with having a set "be skinny" date because I feel like my goal may have changed from be skinny to just get healthy. ASAP. A few weeks ago, I wrote about working towards losing 50 pounds in 52 weeks with Chelle from Everyday Polish, which I am still doing, but I am scared.

What if I don't achieve my goal?
Do I give up? Or make it 50 in 72 weeks?

For me, being healthy will include a good amount of weight loss. It just has too. Especially since the hubby and I are talking children, I know that I want to be in much better shape before we start trying. (And don't get too excited, I am far from being a member of the mommy blogger crew yet, but I know I will most likely be in the next 3 years.) But back to deadlines, they just add pressure to the journey, and that pressure can be motivational or hurtful. 

Do you set deadlines for yourself? And are there consequences if you don't meet your deadline?


  1. I think deadlines have served me well in the past. 3 years ago, I decided to lose 25 pounds by my birthday - I had to work very, very hard. I came short by 9 pounds. But, I didn't feel disappointed! I felt and looked great. I've set other deadlines for healthy goals like running a 5k and met them. But, I set other goals and didn't hit them at all.

    I think I succeed the when I had more than having a deadline. It's about having a "specific" plan to successful meet the deadline and following the plan.

    I've read articles with either two trains of thoughts...1) set a date - to help you stay focused or 2) don't set a date - focus on being healthy "for life". Of course, there are pros and cons to both...1) set a date - cons: you may stop trying if you can't reach the goal or might not continue to make progress/maintain after the date comes and goes. 2) don't - cons: it's a journey approach may mean you don't work as hard or as consistent as you should/could.

    I think that if you give it your best effort and get down to 40lbs you'll still feel great and look great...I certainly did. I then had to work out a new plan to get to the rest of my goal...I think that's okay too...

    1. Thank you Ms. Bad! I am so on the fence about this. I feel like I know too much when it comes to weight loss, so I just get overwhelmed and confused and can't do anything. :(

  2. I like to use deadlines for things I want to accomplish, because that is my personality. If I don't achieve the goal by the set time, I have learned not to beat myself because of it. I am human, as long as I have made progress that is okay by me.

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