Wednesday, November 07, 2012

#50in52 Week 6 AND #Fitbloggin

This past week has been nuts. I am on day 10 with no power, and I would really be lying if I didn't tell you all the truth and say I am getting an attitude. AND it's snowing so with the windchill factor, it is going to be below 30 degrees. (BUT I am grateful that all of my friends and family are safe AND I have a home to come home to, even if it will be very cold. Having no power is just becoming annoying and not so great for my health.) I was really eating well this week until we had to stop powering up the fridge with the generator, so now we have to buy food or make canned items on the gas stove. Not too amazing for a clean eating lifestyle, but I have been managing.


Yes, you read that right. 4 times. I committed to going to the gym more days out of the week than not and I did it. So that was a HUGE change in my motivation and working towards my #50in52 goals. I was not able to weigh in this week with the lack of light and electricity in my household, so I will just be content with knowing that I feel pretty good... minus my attitude and update you next week. :)

AND... another announcement please.... *cue drumroll*


Excited is not the word to describe how I feel right now. I really wanted to go last year and read everyone's reviews of the 2012 conference and felt so disappointed that I didn't look into it more. Today was the last day for the early bird rate and I went ahead and grabbed my ticket at a reduced rate. It's not until June, but I am already feeling like it is tomorrow! If you are interested, head over to FitBloggin now to check out the conference schedule! I also feel like this will be great motivation for me to keep working towards my fitness goals even more so I am in tip top shape when I get there. AND it is my first ever blog conference.

Overall, this week wasn't too bad, but I know I can do a lot of things to make next week's results even better. How have you been doing lately with your health/fitness goals?


  1. I will see you there. Let me know if you need a roommate!! also let me know if you find any good flights out of NY! hope you get power back soon.

    1. Nellie! I would love a roommate if you are up for it! I will email you. I am going to start looking for flights asap!

      And thank you!...girl, it is day 12! I need to move to a ConEd area.


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