Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best Acne Cure: Tea Tree Oil

Awhile back I posted on my skin care regime here and here, but I am always on the hunt for something to make my skin glow. Since January 2012, my skin has been on a rampage to ruin my normally acne free complexion. I've been following pretty much the same regime since I wrote the other posts with the exception of a few experiments here and there BUT my skin has still managed to flare up more than usual. This past weekend during my Black Friday rush to the mall, The Body Shop had a sale than drew me into the crowded store.

A few months ago when I was reading up on natural acne remedies, I remembered reading about the benefits of tea tree oil, so I picked some up with a trial size tea tree facial wash.


Fast forward to 3 days after I started using it at night, almost all of my pimples are GONE. Yes, completely gone. I washed my face using the tea tree facial wash and a facial brush, toned my skin with witch hazel, and then applied the tea tree oil directly to my face with my fingers. After some mild tingling, my skin adjusted and I went to sleep. Upon waking, my pimples looked less red and shrunk in size. Of course, I was overeager and applied just a tad more in the morning after repeating the same night regime plus sunscreen and 3 days later my skin looks and feels amazing!

I am so excited! If you read the comments on The Body Shop website under the product, many people love it, some people claim it didn't work, and some complain about it not being 100% tea tree oil. Well, it worked for me so I am not complaining. Supposedly it has only 10% tea tree oil in it.... so in my mind, maybe this is better than 100% because it may be too strong on my skin. Regardless, it worked for me and I am overjoyed. The bottle goes for $9 and you only need a little bit to reap the benefits. Now I just need to be more consistent with my Retin-A use so I can fade the acne scarring...

What is your go-to acne cure?
And fyi: This post does NOT have affiliate links. I loved the product, so I wanted to share it with you!

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