Tuesday, November 20, 2012

@KandidlyKim is #Fitfluential

Today I got some really really REALLY amazing news. 

I got accepted as a Fitfluential Ambassador!
FitFluential Is Fitness Found
I am so excited! Especially since I know that my Fitfluential journey is still  in progress. This will just serve as even more motivation for me to reach my fitness goals! Aaahhhhhh! So excited. 

And on another note, my new trainer James officially tried to kill me this morning. I did so many squats that I literally got a cramp in my quad and that has never happened before. We had to cool down with some cardio before I was able to resume his killer workout. Despite the fact that I felt like I was sweating every ounce of water out of my pores, I felt amazing AND proud that I committed to killing it in every workout session. I'll be back at it again tomorrow at 7am too! I am truly amazed at James' knowledge and passion for personal training. I will be sharing more about the workouts later.

Until next time!


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