Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All for the love of Food!

So this weekend I was definitely on a "seefood diet" I saw food and I ate it.

This normally doesn't happen because I work so hard to keep junk food and sweets (my kryptonite) out of the house. But this weekend was a little different I volunteered to make a cake and cupcakes for a party (big mistake). Of course I ended up bringing the leftovers home and somehow I found myself eating a cupcake nearly every time I opened the refrigerator door. Especially after being without power for so long after Sandy and then of course Thanksgiving, it has been way too hard to get it together. 

This past weekend definitely made me do some thinking, why in the world do I love food so much?? And then it hit me, food  has played such a huge role in my life ever since I could remember. Food has been associated with so many circumstances, that it seems that food is the go-to cure for everything. We use food for pleasure and comfort, we turn to food when we are sad, depressed and hurt. We use food to socialize, we use it as a reward, we eat when we are bored, and we turn to food when we are lonely. Food is around so much that it can become an obsession, sometimes we become obsessed with eating and at other times we become obsessed with not overeating, it may seem like a lose-lose situation!

After I actually sat down and thought about my relationship with food, I made a vow that this can no longer happen. I refuse to obsess over what foods I can eat, and what foods I can't eat, most of the time I feel like I spend more time thinking about food than living my life, and quite frankly I am way to young to be worried about food, that should be the least of my worries. 

So now my goal is to really begin to listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry instead of when I think I'm hungry. I know that one of my biggest pitfalls is that I never have the right foods around when I need them. I might have to turn into the girl that has an apple and a protein bar in her clutch, it may seem extreme but if that is what it takes then sign me up. Normally I get so hungry when I'm out and about and because I don't want fast food I don't eat which cause me to become a ravenous monster when I get home, and this is no good because I barely breathe while eating. 

This whole journey has been an emotional roller coaster, but now its time to stop talking and start doing. Looking back at old posts I remember when I was on it, and lately I just have not been on it. Like seriously its time for me to share my "how did you do it" and I think this time its for real. Although this weekend was rough I am proud to say that I still managed to go to the gym. Now if I could just eat right and exercise at the same time I would be in business. But hey how would you know what success feels like if you don't fail!

Am I the only one that feels like this????

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  1. Amber,

    I totally get where you are coming from!! I think you have a great plan, listening to your body is key. Don't forget to stay hydrated though I learned that dehydration can trick you into thinking you are hungry!


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