Monday, December 03, 2012

Blogger Date with @BklynActiveMama

So this past Saturday I met my first blog friend in person! I was so excited/anxious/intimidated! Not only was it great practice for FitBloggin in June BUT just for practicing to take my networking offline and back to face to face. Anywho, I met up with Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama! When we realized that we were both from NY and attending Fitbloggin we thought it would be a great idea to link up and talk about being roomies to save some cash at the conference.

We met up a Soco Brooklyn which is known for it's southern style cuisine with a touch of class. The ambiance was fabulous and the food was delish! I had the Short Rib Hash with Scrambled Eggs (it generally comes with over easy eggs, but I don't like those) with Hibiscus Sweet Tea for our brunch date and loved it. There was so much food that I ended up bring home a doggie bag for my husband. I had no idea, but Nellie says that brunch is "the thing" to do in Brooklyn... there were cozy restaurants on every block... needless to say I cannot wait to go back and explore some more.

Overall though, I feel like I am on a high from being able to meet one of my favorite bloggers in person. It helps to keep me inspired and ready to take Work It Out, Gurl to the next level. If I feel this inspired from meeting 1 blogger, I can only imagine what FitBloggin will be like!

Anyways, head on over to Brooklyn Active Mama and show her some love! She blogs about fitness, career, mommyhood and everything in between.

Like any blogger, we obviously had to get a good picture together.
Me: left Nellie: right

Sidebar: Nellie is trying to convince me to run a 5K with her on the last day of FitBloggin... now I am no runner. Period. Can't cope with that out of body, chest beating in your throat feeling...but she is very persuasive. I am NOT committing to running it, but I will try to keep a partially open mind to experimenting with running in the gym to see how my body responds to it.

Are any of you a non-runner who ran a 5K before?


  1. omg, i am SO jealous! looks like such a great time!

    yeah, me and running equals big NO. i look weird running so i don't. ha, seriously.

    1. Same here... the whole fat jiggling thing is not the greatest look for me. lol. :) Next time you are in the area let us know! Blogger meet up!

  2. I had SUCH a great time with you girlie!! I expected you to be cool, but not amazingly fun too!! We are going to takeover Portland! woohoo!!

    And yes, we shall be scheduling more brunches!! Maybe bring Amber? :)

    1. YEA! I'm so excited! I am in love with brunch now too. You turned me out!

      And Amber is obviously right here with me and she says "I'm comin'!" :)

      And thanks for the shout-out!

    2. I just officially invited myself, so where are we going??? :)


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