Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#50in52 Week 17 & ANNOUNCEMENT

Week 16: 174.4 
Week 17: 173.4 (-1.0)

Down another pound baby! This week was the end of the #NYNR challenge (no gluten, sugar, or dairy) and I think this will be an honest lifestyle change for me (besides those cookies that I ate about an hour ago....) I couldn't help myself! But I really feel pretty good. My trainer is all about me keeping this up and I have never seen a weight this low without doing a detox. So far, so good!

My workouts have been consistent (4x per week) and I got my second trophy in a row, so I am ecstatic.  Sadly, my knee is giving me a bit of trouble, but I know that this will just be something that I have to deal with in the interim while my legs get stronger. 

In other news... I have an announcement!
I have started working on another project that will be launched in the late Spring. I cannot give too many details away at this moment because everything is not finalized, but it will affect my posting schedule here. I will start posting once per week (on Wednesdays) here at Work It Out, Gurl since I need to focus my efforts more on this new venture BUT I will be sure to spill the beans soon. It's new. It's exciting. And it involves me expanding more into the blog world... so I will be sure to give more details soon. 


  1. I need some of your weightloss mojo over here!! Keep going girlie!! Proud of you! Good luck with your new venture!


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