Tuesday, January 08, 2013

#NYNR Day 2

Today is Day 2 of the #NYNR and it is honestly going really well! I think I am okay because I am allowed to have oatmeal and sweet potatoes. But one HUGE factor that I completely forgot to mention was not having to count calories. I asked in the forum for the challenge on Monday and both lovely ladies said it is not needed!

I cannot tell you what a relief it is for someone to tell me not to count calories. I have this odd obsession when I make myself do it. I have also been measuring and counting calories for so long now that I honestly shouldn't have to do it. I know what a portion size is. I know what is in the food I eat. And I also know when I overeat. So why do I count calories? Because it gives me comfort that I can look back to my food diaries.  I also have this secret obsession with tracking on MyFitnessPal so I can get the little notification about how many days I have tracked my food.... #don'tjudgeme. So, 15 days with no tracking (13 to go after today!) AND I am supposed to lose weight?! This may be the master plan for me.

On another note, I keep hearing that I look smaller. Some of my clothes are fitting looser, but I am not sure if that has to do with my husband's laundry techniques... The number on the scale went up a bit from the holidays, but it should start to do head in the right direction shortly since I am back exercising and eating correctly. I am going to resume my #50in52 posts with Week 16 (January 16th) after I have been able to get a handle on my life again.

How is everyone doing now that the holidays are over? And have you ever tried a gluten free diet?


  1. yeah, i think counting calories is just something i do to keep track ... when i eat a lot of calories one day i know for a fact that i have to be a little stricter the next day.

    i really wanted to try gluten free once but when i saw all the foods that contained gluten i gave it up.

    good luck with this. i know you are going to kill it!

  2. Thanks Faith! It is honestly not so bad at all. I thought I would be dying by day 2, but I am absolutely fine, no cravings, headaches, or overall crankiness from missing bread. :) (**chanting** do it, do it, do it. )


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