Thursday, February 07, 2013

#50in52 Week 19: Finding Inspiration

                                                               Source: via Kimberly Anne on Pinterest

It's week 19, and it has been rough. I am just in this terrible funk with weight loss. I hopped on the scale this morning before I hit the gym and saw a number (that was less than last week, but not low enough) on the scale and felt defeated. I dragged myself to the gym and proceeded to probably have one of my worst training sessions with my trainer. I did all of the exercises and still burnt 410 calories, but I was dropping the sand filled ball when we were doing catches, I kept forgetting the next exercise in the sequence, and my attitude was pretty bad. I had tears in my eyes for most of the workout.

I know I have had this "what-am-i-going-to-do" moment for faaaaar to many weeks in a row. And after last week's rant, I need to get my life together and quit this self-induced pitty party that I have been participating in for quite some time. My trainer said it best.

If I want to become one of those fit girls, and not stay the way I am, I have to change everything. 

My trainer always talks about how I have an endomorphic body type which basically means that I store fat easily, have an intolerance to carbohydrates and really need to be on a strict diet plan in order to reap the benefits of losing weight. He's been saying this since November and I have kind of been ignoring it, but apparently, I need to take it more serious. I've eliminated gluten, sugar, dairy, fried foods, all drinks besides water and tea, and somehow... I need to do more still. OR just be super serious and not cheat when I am upset. 

He also suggested that I stop weighing myself for a little bit. That is kind of hard because I am participating in this & this challenge right now, but maybe it is for the best. I know I won't be a winner anyways, sadly. I've never really tried the weight loss and no scale thing, so we will see how it goes. 

As stupid as this sounds, watching Beyonce at the super bowl really inspired me. Did you see the way she moved her body and sang?!?! She was going hard. She trained hard, she performed hard, and showed everybody that her performance was going down in history. I need just a smidget of that attitude in my life to keep myself motivated to reach my own goals.

What motivates you?

PS: You know how I said I would be posting once a week until I announce what I am working on? Well, I lied because for the next 4 weeks I have a fabulous guest poster! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to check her post out. 

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