Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Latest Obsession: Brown Rice & Quinoa

Before the #NYNR challenge, brown rice was as close as I was getting to exploring other grains. Then I found a blend of brown rice, quinoa and garlic prepackaged at Costco. It was very flavorful and not "weird tasting". It also didn't have ANY preservatives so it was #NYNR approved!

A month later when I was browsing/spending money for no reason in Trader Joes, I found some tri-color quinoa on sale so I picked it up. I actually didn't try to cook it until last week though. Immediately when I opened the package I noted that I smelled very nutty. Since I loved the prepackaged quinoa and brown rice, I decided to make my own. I made the brown rice and the quinoa separately according to the package directions and then mixed them together.

It was delicious. And I didn't miss the garlic. (In the photo above, I also had a turkey burger and sautéed red onions.) I've been storing the rice and quinoa in separate containers and just mixing some together when I make my meals, so I am not sure what would happen if I mixed both batches together.... I doubt anything would happen except the nutty smell of the quinoa would probably overpower the rice.

My goal is to try to see if I can use less and less rice and eat more quinoa. I'm such a chicken that I didn't even try the quinoa solo yet. I didn't want to mess up a good thing, ya know?

Have you ever tried quinoa?




  1. I love quiona! I think the nutty smell is terrific. Good idea to mix them though.

    1. Thank you! How else do you eat quinoa? I'm trying to find some ways to experiment.

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