Tuesday, March 05, 2013

#50in52 Week 23: Staying consistent


I don't know what it is about being on a weight loss journey that makes you appreciate the power of words. Those phrases are all from just scrolling through Instagram (@KandidlyKim is my name if you want to follow me #shamelessplug). Everyday I go through and look for motivational quotes that will help get me out of a funk and/or motivate me to keep trucking along. Sometimes weight loss feels more like a test of mental fortitude vs a physical test.

Since banishing my scale from daily view, I do feel much better. I notice subtle changes in my body (like my leggings no longer staying up and my skin tight jeggings having a gap at the waist). I even swore that I saw the beginnings of an ab. Yes, I said an ab. I am trying to stay positive and realistic about my goals.

By this time in my journey I know that consistency is my biggest problem. Whether it is continuously not checking the scale, eating right or exercising... Consistently is key for my mental and physical sanity. I'm not perfect at this (obviously, since I would have been "skinny" years ago if I was!). But I am learning.

Above is a picture of myself that I took via Instagram on Saturday morning when I squeezed in a workout before heading to visit family. I had chores, laundry, homework, and sleep that I should have been catching up on, and I still went to the gym. I put my gym clothes on and felt good. I felt like I was improving.

I am improving. I just need to stay consistent to keep seeing change and feel good.

What helps you stay consistent?


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