Monday, March 18, 2013

#50in52 Week 25: What does it feel like to reach your weight loss goal?

For so long, I have dreamed about what it would feel like to weigh in at 169.0lbs.
And it happened on Saturday!

I wish I could say that the picture above was from Saturday, but it was from earlier in the week. I was too excited to remember to take a picture at the gym after my workout.

I feel like I have finally accomplished something in this weight loss journey. I am down 16lbs from my highest weight in April 2011. Yes, that is nearly 2 years of trial and errors, but I finally got to my first real goal of hitting 169lbs. When I saw that number on the scale, I almost lost my mind. I checked 4 times to make sure that it was real!

This week I kicked my own butt in every single workout. I worked out 5 times and met my increased polar goals for the first time! The only one I missed was the amount of time in zone 1 BUT I was at 92%, so I will be happy with that. If you follow me on instagram, you will probably see a photo of the trophy sometime this week.

Now,  I am on to the next goal. For some reason, it feels much more doable now. So... let's see how long it takes me to get to 159lbs. I may even be able to get to my total goal by the end of this #50in52 Challenge!

Oh, and sidebar: I didn't reward myself with food for the first time EVER. I don't want to ever see 17? on the scale again unless I am preggos. :)


  1. congrats Kimberly!! I am so excited for you!!! xoxo :)

    1. Thanks Nellie! I'm trying! My next goal is 159 by mid-April--- If I can be in the 140s by FitBloggin... I won't be able to handle the excitement.

  2. Amazing work! All your hard work payed off!

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