Friday, June 17, 2011

Dress Down Fridays

J Crew three quarter sleeve cardigan, $50
Old Navy camisole tank, $5.99
Old Navy faded skinny jeans, $30
Old Navy print shoes, $23
GUESS silver jewelry, $28

So I am pretty sure that I have fallen in love with Polyvore! It is a blogger's dream! Each Friday Amber and I will be talking about what to wear on Dress Down Fridays. Young men and women entering the workforce can get really confused when they hear that they are allowed to wear jeans on Friday. The "feeling" of jeans can make someone feel super lax and not as professional. 

The outfit above is almost exactly what I wore to work today. I love being able to feel a bit more comfortable on Fridays, but still looking professional. The cardigan added over the camisole is essential! Even though it is hot outside, it is truly not all that hot in the office with the AC on. A simple necklace can also dress up an otherwise boring outfit as well. 

And about wearing jeans. AHEM, I strongly recommend darker washes and, please, absolutely no distressed jeans. No one in the office needs to see little patches of skin all over your legs through the holes in your pants. It's unprofessional and just plain tacky in the workplace. Also, do not wear jeans so tight that you can barely sit, stand, or climb the stairs in the office. The jeans should still be leaving something to the imagination. Not to say that you must where boyfriend cut jeans, but they shouldn't be skin tight.
I also plan on going out for cocktails after work, so I still feel casual enough for that too.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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