Monday, June 27, 2011

How's Your Energy??

I was listening to the radio one day and the radio hosts were discussing how energy is infectious. I think that this statement is so true, have you ever been in a really good mood and ran into Debby Downer, or Negative Norman??? If you have, you know exactly what I am talking about, sometimes people and their negative energy can latch onto you and totally change your mood. One interaction with a person with a negative attitude can totally change the direction of your day.

I feel that the secret to having a good energy is identifying and focusing on what you love. If you wake up in the morning and and dread going to work, you will totally be unmotivated throughout the day because you don't like what you do. What you are doing is creating a negative atmosphere that will continue to follow you throughout the entire day. Then, before you know it you are running late for work and get mad at yourself. And lets just hope that no one says something out of the ordinary to you at work, that will just put you over the top. If you continue to dwell on the things going wrong in your life, you will overlook all of the good that has happened, is happening, and has the potential of happening.

You will notice that when you start focusing on the things and people that you love, more of the things that you love will entire into your life. Before you know it your life will be full of positive energy and you will go so much further in life. Changing your outlook on life is so small but it can make a huge difference!

Once you master maintaining a positive energy you can accomplish anything. You can excel in all areas of your life including health, finances, romance, happiness, and your career. All it takes is a few seconds to change your focus but you have to make that choice. When you remember why you get up each day and the happiness your love brings, everything else becomes a minor detail of your life.

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