Monday, June 27, 2011

Nutrition Tracking

The hardest part of dieting for me is eating right. I am absolutely terrible.I can get myself to exercise, but I cannot put the fork down OR take my hand out of a tasty bag of snacks! Amber likes to make fun of me and say that my eyes "light up" in the office when we pull out our snacks midday.

Anywho... Amber stumbled across a new nutrition tracking site for us to use today. Sparkpeople is extremely interactive and they give you a lot of "freebies" that most free sites normally charge for. We are going to test it out.

Now you are probably wondering why Kim Kardashian's bikini body is on this post. Well, I was watching tv this weekend, and of course, reruns of the show were on. I was looking at KK and I realized that her shape is extremely attainable for me. I am not looking to get super skinny. I do not even think that is an option for my body type, actually. I have a hourglass shape figure; when I gain weight it is just less defined, but the image of KK above reminds me of my body in high school/early college.

Amber and I started the day off super duper motivated, so hopefully we can pull this off for the next few weeks.

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