Friday, June 24, 2011

Tomorrow's BBQ

Old Navy fitted shirt, $4
Blue pants, $25
MIA platform high heels, $33
Dorothy Perkins gold necklace, £10
ASOS gold earrings, £6

SOOOO, tomorrow I have to go to a bbq... actually it's a church bbq. It is extremely laid back and I will probably be helping my man set up since it is his church bbq. BUT, one if his ex's will be there. (This situation in itself is a WHOLE other post that may or may not be happening soon.) I am not even sure if we are staying for the whole time, but we definitely need to help set up for the day since his parents are big members of the church.

I want to make sure I am looking my best, but still able to help set up without being too uncomfortable. I think the above outfit it okay... but I am not sure. Normally I would wear a summer dress, but we need to help set up. I am also considering adding a short sleeve cardigan over it too. (Almost like this one but in brown.) I am super nervous!

What do ya'll think?

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