Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 4: 30 Day Shred

So this morning was Day 4 on the 30 Day Shred and I can already see that my endurance has improved. Normally I would take a break mid way through the exercises but now I can do some of the routines all the way through without stopping! Go me!

On the flip side... I took a small peak at the scale today.... Please explain to me why I am 3lbs heavier today?!?! I have been eating much better than I was in the past; definitely staying within my caloric limits, exercising like a mad woman, ect ect. I am guessing/hoping that it is muscle weight. Tracy Lee noticed a gain today as well. We have also been experimenting with using heavier weights at the gym and only doing 1 set of each exercise. She is using 12-15lbs and I use 10 - 12lbs. Generally we stayed at 5 - 8lbs, so we can really feel the difference now. I took some measurements back in April, so I am going to start doing measurements soon so I can compare the differences. Maybe I am losing fat but gaining muscle.... therefore my body is getting tighter... but that doesn't show on the scale...yet.

We will see!

Editied to Add:

Please check out this community response to a thread that I posted here. It was extremely helpful, and I may even readjust my training schedule.

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