Monday, July 18, 2011

Get on the Good Foot

So growing up I have always heard this saying......most of the time its goes a little like this: "Girl you betta get on the good foot." Translation get off your butt and get to it. Even though this phrase is old and sometimes hilarious if the right person says it, it makes a lot of sense. In life sometimes you need to get on the good foot, whether it is arriving to work on time, taking control of your diet and exercise routine, being more vocal in a relationship, or even looking for a new job or career. You have to take control, get up and start working.

Without hard work, most of the time it becomes difficult and almost impossible to obtain your goal. So Stacy and I have come to the realization that if we really want to get rid of this extra weight we need to really get serious and work hard. So today we came up with a exercise plan. We are going to do 30 minutes on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the elliptical and together we devised a 3 part circuit training routine. For the circuit training we decided to make a combination of different exercises to target different parts of our problem areas.

We made an outline to follow once we get to the gym. Our first circuit focuses on our arms, the second circuit focuses on our legs, and our last circuit targets the abs. In between the three circuits we plan on incorporating a minute of cardio, so the three exercises we chose were jumping jacks, butt kicks and jumping rope.

We will see how this goes. I know this will be a great workout, and what makes it even better is that now we both have someone to cheer us on when we think we won't make it through the exercise. If you don't have a workout buddy I suggest you find one, it really makes it easier. Even though you might feel like giving up, you always have someone by your side to encourage you and then you remember you are not the only one being tortured. But my partner is already taken, so you will have to find your own!!! Have a great day everyone, and thanks again for reading.

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