Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Your NEW and IMPROVED solution to not having anything to wear

As I was going through my normal blogroll to check for updates and new information to share with ya'll, I found the most amazing article about two young business women who started the company Rent the Runway. Now, this site is nothing short of AMAZING!

As a young career women I often find that it is waaay too expensive to be buying cocktail dresses, evening dresses, work dresses, ect ect for events that I have to go to. If you are like me, you have a rotation of dresses that you wear and just pray that nobody calls you out. Then when you can scrounge up some change, you add a new number to the rotation. This website could be the quick fix.

You can rent designer dresses at more than 90% off of the original cost. And by designer, I mean people like BCBG, Herve Leger, Rachel Roy, Vera Wang, D&G, and so many others. Now, this company was obviously started by women because they allow you to order 2 sizes of the dress you select just in case your normal size doesn't fit AND they offer $5 insurance to cover spills, lipstick, and other incidentals. Dresses are guaranteed to reach you in tip top shape and you get a full refund if you return the dress without wearing it in a timely manner. They have dresses for EVERY occasion (weddings, clubbing, office, beach party, bridal showers ect) and they offer matching accessories.They break the dresses down by designer, body shape, sleeves, occasion, neckline, color, and season! For example, you can look for a dress appropriate for a Fall wedding not just any wedding.

Now, I haven't tried this site myself, yet. But now that it is on my radar I am truly tempted. If you have heard of it before, please shoot me an email or comment to tell me about your experience.

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