Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Defeat/ Possible Self Pity Post (sorry)

Sorry for being a lil MIA this week. I am away with Mr. Man for a little R&R while he is on a work conference. While I am sitting in the hotel room, trying to cope with this lovely cold I have aquired, I just feel defeated. I have been busting my behind at the gym and doing the 30DS and I don't feel that I am seeing results the way I should.

It's hard. I feel yucky and now that I have a cold I feel like that may be my body's way of saying I need rest. My joints aren't doing so great either from all of the workouts I have been doing. Maybe my body wants me to rest this week. We'll see.

Anyways, Tracy Lee will be keeping up with ya'll this week while I am away. I'm writing this post from my phone which I HATE. Lol

Have a great week!


  1. You're singing my song sister. I started crying during a workout this morning, not because of the pain but literally because I HAVE been busting my derriere and I've seen more results by just going on some crazy diet! My PT says I need to stop thinking results and start thinking about how I'm making a lifestyle change and just trust that the results will follow eventually. Changes are happening inside us every time we feel the burn and as depressing as it is not to get the results we want right away, stopping will just depress us even more b/c we'll feel like we wasted time. I think it's time to switch up our focus and look towards what we can DEFINITELY achieve versus what we hope to achieve. Once you finish the 30DS, even if you haven't lost the weight you wanted, you'll have FINISHED THE 30DS!! I can't even move to Level 3! Focus on completion as the goal and do a victory dance when you do- it'll burn some more calories :-)

  2. Thanks so much for that, C. I really needed a lil push. After that post I walked my behind down to Barnes and Noble, since our beloved Borders is done for, and bought myself a calendar, a non fitness related book and a journal. I'm going to get some R&R and try to get back on track after I get rid of this cold.


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