Monday, August 15, 2011

Fitness for Brides

Any bride out there who is looking to shed some lbs for the wedding doesn't have to search very far.

There are countless diet plans that advertise just for brides and the standard plans always have information just for brides. In The Knot they always have lots of articles that showcase different plans. In the last issue of the magazine, there was a promotion from Brides le Boot Camp that outlines some simple steps to get in wedding shape that do not require a gym. Now, I am always for a workout that you can do without a gym. With rising gas prices, I will do a lot to save an extra trip when I can. They gave 4 simple suggestions. (Note these were written in my own words, not exactly as the article stated them.)

  1. Wear tighter clothes during your workout. When you wear tighter clothes and can actually see your body during the workout it can help you work a little harder. I used to be on the baggy t-shirt and sweats team... now I try to sexy-it-up with a tank and leggings.
  2. Push-ups.  This is one of those hate to love exercises. But a lot of people forget about the benefits of a push up. It can really be a full body exercise when done with proper form and not in the girl-push up abbreviation. They suggest doing 2 sets of 50 push ups every day to tone up the arms for those slinky strapless dresses that everyone loves these days.
  3. Touchable Skin. This tip was interesting and new to me. They suggested to start each morning with a glass of room temperature water with fresh lemon and to sip 6 cups of green tea per day for softer skin. 
  4. Booty Booty Booty. So simple... just contract your glutes while brushing your teeth for 2 minutes. Personally, I would add in a few squats with that as well to work on the hamstrings.

I am going to give these simple moves a try and try to incorporate them into my regular routines. I won't be joining their website right now. (I want to stay with MFP and WW for a bit before adding anything new to the mix.) However, if any of ya'll join please let me know how it is. 


  1. great tips! i def. need to do push-ups! i don't do them nearly enough if at all.

  2. I cannot stand doing push-ups. But I realize that I can do more of them in a class environment. Like yesterday, I did 24 in a row in a High Intensity class! At home... I'm done after 15.


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