Thursday, August 18, 2011

NSV (Non-scale victory)

For anyone who does not participate in online weight loss forums, there is a lot of "lingo" that you must learn. NSV or non scale victory is for when you want to share something that is not related to the numbers on the scale.

So my non scale victory is that I have earned 31 activity points this week so far. I'm so excited and proud of myself. One of my MFP girlies suggested that I try and burn 3,500 calories a week which equals 1lb of fat. According to MFP, I have burned 1,658 calories this week. That leaves me a little over 1,800 calories by Sunday night (since my weigh in day is Monday).

This week is really going well so far. I feel much more motivated than I did on Monday night. Now, my challenge will be to not eat crazy tonight when I go out for dinner....

Wish me luck!


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