Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Transformation Nation Steps

In order to be eligible for the grand prize of One Million Dollars, Dr. Oz has 7 steps that all participants must complete.

1. Tell a friend. This one was easy, I shot a quick email over to Amber since I know that she is already a Weight Watchers member.

2. You have to do your official weigh in with WW and calculate your BMI. My BMI is 31.6. According to Dr. Oz, this is the breakdown of that number and what I should do about it.

A BMI that is over 30 may indicate that you are critically overweight or obese. If you are a bodybuilder, are pregnant, or just had a baby, this number won’t mean anything to you. People generally lose muscle and gain weight as they get older, even if they don’t eat any more than usual or change their activity levels. Talk to your doctor about a program that will help you lose weight safely and permanently. It should include a combination of reducing calorie intake, replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods, and exercise you enjoy. Your doctor will also help rule out any health conditions that could be contributing to your weight. Joining an online or in-person group of people who have similar goals is a great way to motivate yourself and increase your chance for success.

After the initial shock of hearing that I am considered obese... I am going to take the results and use it as motivation to inspire a successful journey.

3. Connect with your Doctor. I currently don't have a primary care doctor, but yesterday (before I even joined the challenge) I made an appointment using a referral from my OB-Gyn.

4. Learn Your Families Health History. This can be very helpful because this can help you fight diseases and other complications that you may be genetically predisposition to get.

5. Get More Sleep. This one is self-explanatory. Getting enough sleep every night fuels your body just like food does.

6. Assess your stress. Dr. Oz has a stress test to take that will let you know about your stress levels. I will try and take that later on today.

7. Start New Fitness Habits. That's what this whole journey is about, and he has lots of tips and tricks on the website to help you along the way.

Check out the video here.

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