Monday, September 05, 2011

Motivational Monday: Never Give Up

I have no idea what has been going on lately. I feel like everything has been all over the place, and I know that I have to get it together. So in searching for what to write for our Motivational Monday post, I found this quote, and I think that it sums up exactly how I have been feeling. Aside from trying to lose weight, it is now September which means back to school I go. Now my balancing act begins between work, class, homework, projects, eating healthy, and exercising, I get overwhelmed easily. So this quote means a lot to me, especially when I feel like I can't make it. At this point in my life, I have no choice but to continue to move forward. I have lost too much weight, sweat too much at the gym, turned down too many plates, attended too many classes, written too many papers, worked on too many projects, and taken way too many tests to give up on myself.

Feeling defeated is one thing, but totally giving up is a whole different ball game. So as motivation to myself I am going to continue to think about where I have come from and compare it to where I am. It may be true that I am not the size or weight I want to be, but I am a lot smaller than I was 6 months ago. And it may be true that I am not almost finished with my Master's program, but I am a lot closer to graduating than I was a year ago. So although I am not where I want to be I am well on my way. I know this post may be similar to one of my last postings, but sometimes you have to talk about things until you accept it for yourself. Hopefully this will be the last time!!

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