Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Lately I have not been able to exercise very often at all.  I was extremely overwhelmed and got pretty sick last week and was in the hospital for a bit, so I have cut back. I am trying to rest up and find an exercise schedule that works and doesn't utterly exhaust me. I love my 6am spinning class, but then I crash by 3pm in the afternoon.

I had a practice counseling session with Amber today for one of her counseling classes and it became apparent that I need to give myself a little bit more credit for all of the activities that I am committed to right now. I am busy, but for some reason, I don't allow myself the moment to breath that my body truly desires AND needs. BUT I don't want to halt all of my weight loss efforts in the meantime, so it is very important that I watch my calorie intake. This can be done my looking at the BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate.

BMR is the amount of calories that you would burn if you laid in bed all day doing nothing. Yup, absolutely nothing. Magically, my body burns approximately 1608.6 calories according to THIS free calculator. But sadly, this will only decrease with age, so this is why exercise is important. In order to lose weight you have to have a good calorie deficit. IE you need to burn more calories than you eat in order to lose weight.

SO, if I consume 1200 calories per day, that would leave me with a calorie deficit of 400 calories. If you divide 3500 ( which is a pound of fat) by 400 that gives you about 8.75 (or we can round it to 9).

Meaning I should be able to lose 1lb every 9 days without exercising.

I have never worked out the numbers like this and stuck to it before, so this will be new if I decide to stick to this. I have an issue with starting things and not finishing them so I am not sure yet if I want to continue Weight Watchers. Not just because I want to try this plan, but also due to the cost. I could save the extra $40 per month and/or put it towards the wedding. I feel that you can lose weight with any plan as long as you stick to it, so why not switch to a free one? I'm not sure. I already paid for this month, so we will see. I love the accountability of weigh ins. I just wanted to share this information with ya'll.

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