Monday, October 03, 2011

Clean(er) Eating

Amber and I have started a new eating plan/regime. We needed to switch up things in our diets, so here is the breakdown.

Staying between 1200 - 1500 calories per day

Breakfast Choices
1. 2 Eggs any style w/ onions and/or peppers
    with 1 cup of fruit
2. Low-fat Vanilla yogurt with 1 cup fruit
3. Acai Bowl
4. Oatmeal (1/2c water, 1/2c very vanilla soy milk, 1 Tbs sugar)

Lunch Choices
1. Chicken selects and mixed greens salad with 2Tbs light salad dressing
2. Chicken breast/Drumsticks with veggies or salad or 1/2c brown rice
3. Chicken/Tuna Salad with vegetables
4. Fish with vegetables or 1/2c brown rice
5. Turkey Sandwich with Salad

Dinner Choices
1. Chicken with butter corn (2/3c)
2. Fish or Chicken with 1/2c brown rice or vegetables
3. Ground Turkey/Beef with 1/2c whole grain pasta or 1/2c brown rice

1. Carrots and low fat dip
2. Peanuts
3. Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt with 1/4c low fat granola
4. Apple slices with 1Tbs reduced fat peanut butter
5. WW String Cheese
6. 100calorie Popcorn bags with a few M&Ms

Quite a few of these things, we were eating already but there is still a good amount that I know we could improve upon. Personally, I was eating white rice instead of brown rice all of the time. I also know that I avoid vegetables at almost any cost, so this will force me to include them a bit more. And this combined with WW will allow us to eat quite a bit more food AND stay within our daily points plus target.

We plan on doing this for October, and then see what we need to tweak for November.

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