Monday, October 03, 2011

Weight Fluctuations throughout the Day

Does your weight fluctuate throughout the day?

Speaking from my own personal experience, my weight is about 3lbs lighter in the morning than in the afternoon. By midday I have gained about 1 - 1.5lbs of the "natural difference". After reading an article on, I have learned that a natural fluctuation happens between 3 - 5lbs within a day.
For this reason, I have decided to have my weekly weight ins at WW in the evening. I feel that if I show a loss at night, than I must have really lost something! In the morning I know that I am at my very lightest. This weekend when I stepped on the scale on Saturday morning, just for ha-has, I saw a number that I haven't seen on the scale in A. Long. LONG. Time. I almost passed out. I weighed myself all day to see if it was real. While it did fluctuate, it never went up to the amount that I weighed in at last week. SO, magically, I pulled off a loss this week. I cannot wait to see what number pops up at Weight Watchers tonight! After a few weeks of losing next to nothing, I am overjoyed to see an improvement. 

This past week I made sure that I let my body recoup by not going to the gym as much and by eating mindfully, but splurging a little more than I usually do. I was adhering to a 1200 calorie diet for awhile, so I bumped it up to 1430. On MFP, I am constantly hearing about people bumping up their calories in order to break up a plateau, so maybe that it what my body needs.

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