Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Beauty Preparation

In all of my wedding reading, I always find bridal beauty countdowns and checklists on how to prepare yourself for the BIG day. The one below is definitely one of my favorites and most realistic from Get Married magazine.I  have added a few tips and tricks that I have come across as well, but the basics are from Get Married magazine.

8 - 12 months
  • Test out new hair looks. You never want to do this too close to your big day because if something goes wrong there may or may not have enough time for a correction. Hair grows about 1/2 inch every month. You also want to make sure that you look like yourself on the day off. If you are going from a blond to a brunette; you may need a few months to get used to the new you!
  • Discuss all major skin concerns. If you have any major concerns, you want to have enough time to start working on them. Seeing a dermatologist around this time is perfect to get started on a proactive and preventive regimen.
  • Consult a personal trainer for a fitness routine if you are looking to get into shape or tone up for the big day. Looking to get skinny or tone up like me!? You need enough time to develop a solid routine AND see results so starting close to a year ahead of time is perfecto.
5 - 7 months
  • Start growing out your hair if you are looking to grow out your locks OR experiment with a shorter look. If you are looking to grow out your locks start trying to eliminate heat styling and give yourself a scalp massage or two. And don't forget to trim split ends (every 3 months is recommended).
  • Define your skin care regime. This is the time to start looking into correcting smaller issues like oily, dry or itchy skin by visiting an aesthetican. You can also start monthly facials to ensure that you have a glow on the day off. This is also the time to examine eating habits, removing stains from your teeth and starting a solid nail maintenance initiative.
3 - 4 months
  • Book all of your trial hair appointments. If you are sticking with the good and faithful stylist that has always done your hair then you are good to go. If you are looking for that special someone, now is the time to start hunting. Ideally, you should get to know your stylist ahead of time so you are not just seeing them on your trial and on the day off.
  • Begin conducting a search for a makeup artist.  This is a very important task because every woman want to put her best face forward on that day. Even if you are not going to have extra glitz and glam on that day, you want someone to be able to give you the look that you are desiring without any confusion or problems. Many people note that once you find a makeup artist you BOOK THEM ASAP. No excuses on missing out if you follow this rule. You also want to confirm that they will be suing the same products on the day of your wedding to ensure that you won't be breaking out from trying anything new.
1 - 2 months
  • Begin the makeup and hair trials! On the day of your trial, try to wear a white t-shirt with a similar neckline as the dress so you can get an idea of what it will look like. Make sure to voice your opinion in a non-Naomi Campbell way to make sure you get the look you are going for. AND don't forget to take a picture so you can bring it on your big day and it is easier for the stylists to visualize the look again.
  • Do some eyebrow shaping maintenance. This can really make or break your wedding day makeup. Chose your method (tweezing, threading or waxing) carefully and be sure not to make them too thin because eyebrow hairs take FOREVER to grow back!
  • Kick your workout into high(er) gear to reap the day-off benefits!  You need to make sure that your workout and new body improvements are long lasting. In order to maintain, sometimes you need to work a little higher. Don't be afraid to grab some heavier weights or try that new intense spinning class at the gym.
2 Weeks
  • Schedule a trim and a color touch up. Always allow yourself time to adjust AND time to correct a mishap.
1 Week
  • Get one last hydrating facial!  But this time NO EXTRACTIONS which can cause redness. This is also the time to do a little bit of brow maintenance and not be red for the big day.
  • Slow down your exercising routine. You don't want to lose any extra pounds so the dress doesn't fit. Lord knows that the stress of the big day will be more than enough. Try to even squeeze in a massage if you have a moment.
  • Hit the nail salon for a relaxing mani/pedi. You need at least 1 or 2 appointments to make sure that all hangnails and broken nails are tamed before the final mani-pedi for the big day.
1 Day to Go!!!
  • RELAX! and get that final Mani/Pedi for the big day to help you out with that.  If you have morning wedding, try washing your hair the night before so some of the natural oils will be there when the stylist is ready to style your hair. Dirty hair is best for holding a style. If the wedding is in the evening, go ahead and wait to give it a wash in the am.
  •  You should be able to make a list at your trial session and purchase them well in advance. This goes for nail polish too. Purchase the color that you will be wearing on the day off in case you need a quick touch up.
  • EAT, EAT, EAT! Now don't stuff yourself so that you can't breath in your beautiful gown, but make sure you enjoy all of the good food that you worked so hard to pick out for your guests. This includes eating breakfast before the day begins. This will also keep you energized and ready to smile for all of those pictures throughout the day.
I know this was a super long post! But I know I am working my way down the list too. So hopefully this can help another bride-to-be.


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