Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Emotional Eating Part 2

Ways to Combat Emotional Eating

After my last self-disclosed post about emotional eating and about the notification signs of emotional eating I thought it would be a GREAT idea to actually post some information on simple ways to manage it. I am still very much in my blog obsession phase, and through all of my noisiness/research I am finding that the biggest way to combat emotional eating is to distract yourself

Yes, it is supposed to be that simple. Just distract yourself. By doing any activity besides sitting there and contemplating how amazing that yummy food would be if you were actually consuming it right that moment.

Pick up the phone and chat with a friend.
Read a book, magazine or blog.
Dance to your favorite song.
Brush your teeth.
Do housework.

I find that when I am at work and I know I cannot leave the office to grab something fatty, the craving will go away after about 30 minutes of intense agony. I just have to force myself to get back to work and avoid thinking/dreaming about the food I am desiring. So I know that this makes sense... it is just hard. 

I will report back when I finish some more reading on this topic.

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