Thursday, November 17, 2011

What do Hoarders and Me have in common?

This morning on XL Cosmo Radio, I was listening to my morning gossip, as usual, and Taylor made a great point about hoarding and weight loss/fitness. The reason why many hoarders hoard is because they have plans to do something with the things they are keeping. For instance, a hoarder may keep old broken down furniture with the hopes and internal promise of refinishing it. However, they feel that they do not have the tools to properly execute it perfectly. The key word being perfectly. So because they cannot complete the task perfectly, they just do nothing.

I notice that I personally struggle with this daily when I have a lot to do. I've blogged about my hectic schedule before (here) and this was when I was an avid gym-goer. The last time I saw the inside of a gym was when I went to get a facial and a massage. I didn't even pass by the cardio machines OR feel bad about not exercising. I have also been working a lot of extra hours and my homework from grad school is royally kicking my butt AND wedding appointments are coming with a quickness. Therefore, I sit and make my to-do list and get overwhelmed just by looking at it. And then I do nothing.

I get so overwhelmed by the mere sight of my to-do list that I actually cannot bring myself to start anything because I feel that I will not ever complete anything and/or that I won't be able to do everything perfectly. After I heard Taylor say this I definitely had a AAAHHHHHA moment. It totally made sense. I am a very black and white type of gal. If I do something I give it 100%, or I don't do it at all. Period. And I have been doing this with my weight loss. Instead of exercising on the weekends or during lunch, I have scrapped my workouts all together because I no longer have the energy to do my beloved morning spin classes.

Does this make sense? I feel that is does. Now the question is what am I going to do about it. Well, hopefully the post that I am literally copying from HERE will help.Yes, I copied directly from PriorFatGirl.. why? because I know it was monumentally helpful for me to read and I refuse to rely on waiting for anyone to click the link to see it.

You are unhealthy.
Do something about it.

It is as easy as it sounds. And as hard as it sounds. I know. I KNOW this. I did it. And I continue to fight for what I’ve worked to accomplish. You think this is so easy? You think your “hard” is any different than my “hard?” Get over yourself. Suck it up and do something about it.

Stop waiting to hit rock bottom. THIS IS YOUR ROCK BOTTOM. This is your life and you are letting it pass by you. The decisions YOU make result in your life. Changing your life means changing your life.  It is as easy as it sounds. And as hard as it sounds. I know. I KNOW this. I did it.

Don’t put the blame on me like I should have helped you. Like I should have patted you on the back and encouraged you to keep going. Don’t whine and complain that you had some flippin’ excuse because guess what? I’ve had my fair share of excuses. In two years, my mom died without me getting to say goodbye, my dad started dating 6 weeks later, I switched jobs TWICE, our house was destroyed by a tornado and now I’m planning a wedding without my mom and might have to walk myself down the isle because I don’t know if I can go to my dad’s wedding when he marries his most recent fiance 6 weeks before my wedding, {original sentence in published post deleted}. You think your “hard” is any different than my “hard?” Get over yourself.

You are unhealthy.
Do something about it.
Or don’t do anything about it.

Continue to live life as you have and get what you’ve always gotten. But don’t you dare complain. Don’t you dare waste your breath crying about something you are CHOOSING to do. Don’t you dare come to me and whine when you don’t want to fight through the hard.You are making your own choices so stop weeping when you don’t like the results. Smile because you made the choice.

Live your life. Stand up and be proud of your decisions. Live your choices and be proud.

This is your life. Love it or change it.


  1. This post is so inspirational and saddening at the same time. It’s sad because of the bluntness of the truth in it. It’s inspirational for the same exact reason. It almost awakens something in you when you read things like this. It makes you want to work harder…fight harder…be better. Obesity is a disease. It’s both psychological and physical. This is why it’s so hard to overcome. You have to dig down inside of yourself and find the will power to push through it. This is what I have struggled with for so long. I would try, but only halfway. I’m now at the point where I’m like, ok. You’re getting older and this is not going to go away on it’s own. You better do something about it now while you are still young and able. The older you get, the harder it will get.

    Would you mind if I reposted this on my blog to share with others? Of course I will give credit to the original posters 

  2. Nicole! Go ahead, post away. That is the same reason why I actually posted the author's post into the blog. I wanted people to read it. I didn't want to rely on anyone having to click a link. I really hear and feel what you are saying, as well. I am in the same position; slowly making changes that will hopefully help me change into a healthier, more in control human being. I'm exhausted from "fresh starts" and promises of a "new beginning" at the start of the new month or year. Our time is now, and we need to get to it!

    Thanks again for reading!

    Stacy Marie


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