Saturday, December 10, 2011

Change is coming: Weight Loss Formula

If I want to lose the weight, I need to make changes. I wrote a post (here), which really put it bluntly. But I am still expecting changes without changing my life up.

Isn't doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results the definition of insanity?

So, I am borderline insane.

Maybe. :)

I know that I have the motivation to do better somewhere deep down inside of me. Right now it is somewhere near my knees, and I need to bring it up to my brain so I can start making changes. Everyone says losing weight is a mathematical formula. And I always debate about loving my business classes from undergrad over some of my graduate counseling classes because the material was so much more black and white in business. So, I need a formula. And why not use a good one that has already been developed.

Calories Eaten - Exercise = Weight Loss

Looks like I am heading back to the basics, right? Counting calories and exercise. Everyone says it is that simple. Let's try this out. No fad diets, challenges, counting points or detoxes. If I want it bad enough, I will do it. 
Hope you'll be around to join me as I start this journey over; plain and simple this time. 

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