Thursday, December 08, 2011

Does eating right when you wake up make a difference?

Do you eat breakfast within 15 minutes of waking up?
I had a little debate about this issue with a coworker yesterday who was telling Amber and I that we should stop our habit of eating breakfast when we get to work at 9am, which is about 3 hours after we wake up. Research studies show that it "kick starts" your metabolism by eating right when you get up. My coworkers argument was that if you had breakfast at 9am and didn't eat after dinner at 7pm the night before, your body would be starving. So why is it that we don't feed our bodies immediately after 6-8hours of sleep?

Some articles to check out:


  1. I usually eat breakfast at work..A few hours after I've been at work...I've read articles that say you should eat soon after you wake up and I've read others that don't push it..Eating early didn't work for my schedule...I lost almost 30 lbs doing...I think the most important thing is that you eat breakfast and that's healthy...

    I thought it was interesting that you mentioned the boost your metabolism. This morning a doctor who works with obesity patients and wrote a book refuse to regain was talking about how hard it is to boost your metabolism...

  2. Ms. Bad.: I totally agree with you about there being so many opinions out there about what is right or what is wrong to do when it comes to metabolism and breakfast. My coworker was solo adamant about this breakfast thing that I just had to look into it. I've done both and haven't seen changes.


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