Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Counting every morsel

Generally when I cook for myself or try out a new recipe, I don't count all of the calories. I just kind of wing it. When I enter my food into MFP I generally just estimate what I put into my food because when I am cooking for Mr. Man, I just add a dash of this... a tab more of that... and you know the rest. I know that I am not completely underestimating because I have been measuring almost everything since April 2011 when I started my weight loss journey BUT I should be more serious. If I am going to count my calories, I am going to count all of my calories and stop estimating.

On Sunday, I generally try to cook enough food to last Mr. Man and I though Wednesday. This means lunch and dinner for everyday. This time around, I slowed myself down and measured every ounce of every ingredient to share with ya'll. This also means that I will have an accurate calorie count for myself AND for you if you ever try any of my recipes. So coming soon will be a recipe for Jerk Pepper Steak and a healthier version of the Chicken Stew that I made before. In time, I will try and go back into my old recipes and add the calorie counts for those as well, including the meatballs pictured above.


  1. i know ... i am horrible about it too ... i try to count but i know i am not spot on ... i think i should def. try to do the same, especially for the foods i tend to make the most.

  2. It helps so much! I feel so much better, and less guilty, when I can actually know my true calorie intake.


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