Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Protein Protein Protein

Anyone on a weight loss journey has to have heard the power of protein. You need it. Whether you decide to eat chicken from 9 - 5 or go ahead and incorporate a protein shake into you diet. You need it. Every cell your body contains protein and it is a major part of the skin, muscles, organs, and glands. But when it comes to weight loss, having protein in your food choices will keep you fuller longer. 

My wonderful personal trainer has been drilling the importance of eating protein, especially after a hard workout and in the morning, into my brain every session. I even tried his favorite protein shake after workout and was amazed at how jazzed up it could taste. It was a mixture of water, 2 scoops of chocolate flavored protein, a lump of peanut butter and 1/2 a banana. This shake was loaded with protein and flavor that helped my tired body recover and served as a meal replacement as I raced through the rest of my day.

On Sunday after church, Mr. Man and I made out routine trip to the grocery store and we came across Ensure High Protein Shakes. They were a bit pricey ($11 bucks I think). But we decided to purchase a 4 pack to test them out. In 14oz it packs in 210 calories, 2.5g of fat, 23 carbs, 3g fiber, 5g sugar, and a whopping 25g of protein. The thing I always look for is the grams of sugar. I don't want to purchase a pre-made protein shake that masks the protein flavor by adding in mounds of sugar so the fact that it only has 5g of sugar is great in my mind.

Now for the taste. It does have the proteiny like aftertaste, but the actual flavor isn't bad. It is more than tolerable. I tried it right out the bottle when I got home after it only being refrigerated for less than 10 minutes. I imagine that it will taste much better when it is ice-cold. It is sweet and tastes similar to a watered down milkshake which is perfect for a protein shake in my mind. But there is one thing. It reeks of vitamins. It smells just  like a jar of vitamin pills so you may want to plug your nose and taste it before the actual smell taints the whole experience.

Depending on the price for a larger pack of these from Costco, we may decide to purchase some more. I am about to start a weight loss challenge at my gym, so they require that you purchase protein and a few supplements from them to participate, but I know some days I will need the convenience of a pre-made shake versus mixing it up myself.

Have you incorporated protein into your weight loss regime?


  1. Protein is a nutrient found in many foods. The best sources of protein are from clean whole foods. Drinking these kind of highly processed drinks does not attribute to a healthy body. I tend to say if you can't pronounce it you don't eat it. If it contains chemicals your are not sure of then don't consume it. I eat fresh fruits, veggies, beans, nuts and seeds, and tofu for my protein needs and I have managed to lose over 60 lbs.

  2. I agree with you 100%, but with my schedule, sometimes I can't plan ahead to eat clean everyday. I am on the hunt for a tasty protein shake for after my workouts so this was a contender that I found.


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